Friday, April 6, 2012

Unexpected Service

Sarah and I decided to go out for a bite to eat last night. We walked into the Applebee's and like usual we looked for our favorite waitress who usually works in the bar table section.

We looked intently but didn't see her.

The host saw us and asked if we were looking for someone in particular and we said “yes”.

"What's her name" he asked?

We said "umm not real sure but we believe its Cindy".

The host said "she is actually working in dining section tonight".

Unusual we thought but none the less we we're seated.

As the host walked away, I saw him whisper in the ear of a waitress and they both looked at us puzzled.

I said to Sarah, "crap that’s not our girl" as she walked over to us!

She said “you specifically asked for me but I don’t recognize you guy’s”.

We said "yeah we thought our usual waitress's name was Cindy" and explained.

She said "nope that is crystal".

"No problem" I said. We ordered and had our meal with no issues.

God of course had other ideas in mind!

He told me to invite her to church on Sunday so we proceeded to do so. Come to find out she has had others recently ask her to attend a church including her fiance who lived a similar past as I. She also said he is getting a job in the shipyard (of course that’s where I work as well)! We had a great conversation about church and how proud we are to be a part of one and listened about how she just had some bad experiences in church. She also understood that is was not coincidence we were there and she could see the writing on the wall. We gave her the time and place for this coming Easter service and she implied she would talk to her fiance and give it another try. That is when God is glorified!!

Moral of this story:

We walked in expecting to be served by a woman of familiarity and comfort. We ended up meeting a woman who needed an experience with the Most High God. The crazy thing is God planted that seed, the name of “Cindy” in our minds to set up a meeting with someone who needed hope and encouragement to come back to a place of fellowship.

Lesson learned:

Never ever forget that God is always talking to us and is ready to use us in the most unlikely scenarios. The bible says His thoughts toward us cannot be numbered (Psalm 40:5). He is always talking to us and if we would always strive to keep the mindset of Christ, the more often we would experience His need to use us to build the Kingdom.


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